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Analysis of the market prospect of aluminum alloy wheels
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From the trend of economic development and the natural expansion of the market, there is a huge potential demand in the automotive industry. The study predicts that by 2005 Chinese potential auto demand is expected to reach 5 million 800 thousand units, demand for cars is 2 million cars, passenger cars and potential demand in 2010 is expected to be in 10 million cars and more than 4 million vehicles, a major global automotive production companies to invest and build factories in China, well-known enterprises in China is also optimistic about the opportunities in automobile production., invested heavily into the automotive industry, the automobile industry of China has been into the fast lane. 2001 annual total domestic car sales of 2 million 363 thousand and 700 units, with a total of about 18000000 vehicles, the market capacity of its parts and components supporting a total of $about 9000000000, the market capacity of aftermarket support of $about 60000000000. In 2003, the automobile industry has a rapid growth, total production of 4 million 443 thousand and 700 cars, an increase of 35.20%, the annual total sales of 439.08% million, an increase of 34.21%, strong growth momentum, driven by the domestic more well-known brands to enter the automobile manufacturing industry. Moreover, China's production of cars in the next five years will be a large number of exports to the world, occupying a larger international market. According to preliminary, in 2010 China's auto production and ownership will increase 1 times, when the demand for spare parts will increase by a factor of 1.
If the car production capacity of China's existing in the construction and to be constructed during the period of 2007-2009 in all, there will be 15 million units of production capacity, optimistic estimates, 10-15 years after China will grow into the world's largest car market, annual sales will reach 17 million units, car ownership will exceed 100 million units. So the former market (Automotive Manufacturing) and the post market (auto repair and after-sales service) two market demand for automotive aluminum alloy wheels together, the number will be extremely large.
According to the Automobile Association Committee of the latest international wheel Market Survey, the North American automotive manufacturing company plans from low cost country sourcing a considerable number of parts and products, which Aluminum Alloy wheel is considered to be a key part of the whole strategy, and the purchase of Aluminum Alloy wheels from China and South Korea is the main target. Ford Motor Co, General Company, Daimler Chrysler Group plans to purchase $5 billion from China to aluminum alloy wheel based automotive parts and components products. Market supply and demand gap, broad prospects.

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