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New new energy promotion program will be released to support national subsidies
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A new round of demonstration is about to start, the national subsidy policy continued support." Science and technology minister Wan Gang (click to view the latest news in the 2013 figures) Chinese Automotive Industry Development International Forum (TEDA) said: "the State Council has formally approved a new round of new energy vehicle demonstration program, four ministries are the details of implementation, and will soon officially launched." This indicates that the country will further encourage the development of new energy vehicles.
Wan Gang revealed that a new round of new energy demonstration project mainly includes new energy vehicles mainly carry out demonstration pilot city, in the pilot area for the establishment of the core, to expand the scope of radiation to accelerate the promotion of pure electric vehicles, speeding up subsidies efforts to implement hybrid vehicles to promote the country, the charging station facilities for financial support a series of.
It is understood that in the last round of the plan of implementation of new energy demonstration, new energy vehicle project in China has a certain development, until July of this year, there have been 25 demonstration city with new energy automotive operations, new energy automobile production reached 47800 units, built filling station number more than 8000.
Wan Gang admitted that the field of electric vehicles in the "dark horse" - Tesla also attracted his attention, Wan Gang said, "at the end of 2012, Tesla listed ModelS in July of this year has sold more than 14 thousand vehicles, an original enterprises in the automotive industry is in the automotive industry, has made rapid progress in electric vehicles. This is worth us to think deeply."

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